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 A: If you have two or more siblings in attendance at West End Classrooms Academy The Oldest Sibling will pay FULL PRICE in their age group. The Younger Siblings will have 20% discount off the FULL PRICE in their age group.

Q:How does Sibling Discount work?

Q: Who do i make cheques payable to?

A: Cheques should be made payable to : WestEnd Classrooms Ltd

Q: Why is there an Administration charge for Cheques and Late fees?

A: There is an administration charge on ALL cheques as banks charge a fee now for processing all cheque transactions. Late fees Incur a charge as it takes our staff extra time to process the payments for our records and for banking. This fee stands at £5 per week of the working term until payment is made.

Q: My child has a birthday during the 6 week term and they will cross the age group boundary- What do i pay?

A: Every term consists of 12 weeks. Every term is divided into 2 half terms. When a pupils birthday takes place and their age crosses into a new group boundary they will stay in their current class until the end of that half term and move up to the next age group at the start of the new half term. If a pupils birthday takes place in any of the half term breaks or holidays and their age crosses into a new group boundary they will return to the Academy in the new age group.

Q: Why do all payments have to be made in sealed envelopes with relevant information on?

A: With the amount of students currenly present in our school we are unable to accept cash in hand on the door as our records require us to process the payment in our offices at a later date other than the day we are teaching on. If  all monies are placed in sealed envelopes with revelant information then we are able to cross reference every payment with our records.

Q: Why dont you charge students to appear in shows like many other stage schools?

A: Currently we do not charge students to appear in shows. This may change in the future but at the moment we are able to cover extra costs ourselves. Many other schools are unable to fund the cost of theatre hire, lighting, technical staff, ticket sales etc themselves. We incorperate that fee into our weekly classes so its spreads the costs.